About Willow

I am a struggling mother of twin sons. I am not single, but I feel like a single parent, most of the time. My husband must travel for work, so I tend to function as both mother and father. My in-laws live nearby so their visits lighten my load. I just wish I could do this on my own, when my husband is away.

Our budget is tight, but I have 2 modest hobbies that keep me sane. I love exotic dance, so I take Belly Dance lessons; not cabaret style with bare stomachs and sheer garments, but folkloric dance. I enjoy Middles Eastern food, too, so I make a new dish every 3 or 4 months. Hubby enjoys my culinary experiments, and always gives me an ear to ear grin when I present a new curry.

Willow’s Warm Home is a record of my adventures in child rearing and homemaking on a shoestring budget, with special splurges thrown in. I’m always looking for great deals, so share!


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