How can I save money fast

How can i save money fast
How can I save money fast? This is one important question everyone on tight budget has always on mind. Given the size of Australia, there is every chance that at some time or the other you are going to have to be travelling by air. My husbands travels a lot for his business but for anyone else getting around, taking the no-frills approach is the only way to get around if you’re someone who works to a tight budget. Tigerair has cheap domestic flights and Jetstar has their Friday Frenzy deal where you can get a really cheap flight for less than $20. When not flying, my husband still needs to use his car a lot. Everyone wants ideas on how to be able to still get around by car without spending a fortune on petrol. How can I save money fast when travelling by car? By remembering that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to top up on fuel. I always avoid buying petrol over the weekends. As a mother of twin boys, let me know if you’ve got any ‘getting around Australia’ tips that really work for you.